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Alien Planetscapes
A space rock band from NYC I used to play on my radio show.
A really good progressive metal band (very Dream Theater-like) from Tampa, Florida I just found out about on the SFK mailing list.
Born To Go
Another space rock band from NYC.
An alternative artist from here on Long Island, NY.
A very good progressive metal band from Washington D.C.
The Don't Quit Your Day Job Players
This is a cool band consisting of some people I know. It's kind of a rock/folk/blues/country/classic rock band. They mostly play at science fiction conventions.
A good AOR band from Florida.
Rat Race Choir
A really good Long Island band, very progressive sounding. They weren't around for years, but just recently started playing again and are working on a new album.
Restless Souls
A good rock band from California.
Six and Violence
A cool, funny punk band from NY. I used to know the lead singer when I went to SUNY Stonybrook, and played them on my show.
Squirrels From Hell
Another band from NY I used to play on my radio show.
A rock band from San Antonio, Texas with an alternative feel. I haven't really been into this type of music lately, but the sound files sounded pretty good.
A band I found on Yahoo under Night Ranger. They sound great, and definitely influenced by Night Ranger, among other similar bands.
This is another great band I just heard about on the Journey mailing list.

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